Thursday, August 30, 2012

BeaterBlade Review

I got a BeaterBlade from a friend, so I tried it out today.

BeaterBlades are designed to scrape the mixing bowl while the batter is being mixed, so it eliminates lumps and unmixed ingredients that you have to incorporate by hand. Since I'm lazy and don't enjoy sticking my hand into a bowl full of cake batter to scrape it, I thought that this would be a good thing.

Turns out that it was, and that the batter came out very nicely smooth. It mixed faster than usual, too, which was interesting. The scraper must help to incorporate the ingredients faster as well as

I used it on a couple of recipes, one that requires the butter to be creamed and one that doesn't. Creaming the butter at the beginning of the mixing was definitely aided by having the beater scrape the side of the bowl, and it seemed to aerate the batter a little more than the usual beater does.

I didn't see a lot of difference in the recipe that didn't require the butter to be creamed, other than having it mix very evenly due to the scraper blade.

One thing to note is that the shape of the blade tends to throw things out of the mixer bowl if you turn the mixer speed up a lot, so have the pouring shield ready if you have a full bowl of batter.

This is definitely a good buy, and I'd recommend it. Go to for more information.

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC, custom wedding cakes in Richmond VA