Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fondarific Review Part 4- Gumpaste and Sculpting Chocolate

Along with the fondant, Fondarific also makes gumpaste and sculpting chocolate. Laura from Fondarific had told me that those are the two media that are intended for modelling figures.

The sculpting chocolate was sculpting chocolate, I don't have much criticism for that. I like modelling chocolate more than fondant for sculpting certain things because it holds the details a lot better. This would definitely do that job.

It's also good for details on 3-D cakes...

The gumpaste is what I use for flowers, obviously, and I usually make my own. The Fondarific gumpaste had a nice stretch to it and was also nice because it had a long working time. The gumpaste that I make has a very long work time, and when it dries it isn't severely brittle.

The Fondarific gumpaste was very much like mine texture-wise, but it was a lot softer. It was more spongy than stretchy, and had almost a marshmallowy texture when I was kneading it. It had a very "wet" feel to it.

It also took a long time to dry, but it did keep the shape well after setting up for a short time. I tend to leave my gumpaste out while I'm working, I'm not good about covering everything up in a paranoid way to keep it from drying out. I could do that with the Fondarific gumpaste and it didn't seem to affect the texture of the paste.

I had started on a flower with my gumpaste, and I decided to finish it with the Fondarific. The color was very similar, so it was a good match. The setting time before I could take the little plastic filler out was fairly short, but the petals were still flexible and I probably could have adjusted them some more if I wanted to.

This was a nice gumpaste to work with, and I liked the long working time. When it dried out completely it was fairly brittle, though. The formula that I use still has a little give in it, which I prefer for cases where you drop the peony that you're working on. It will be less likely to be totally decimated. Not that I've ever dropped something that I'm working on *cough*

So the sculpting chocolate and the gumpaste are both good products...Get one of them as opposed to using the fondant if you're making figures or flowers. Just don't drop your peonies.

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC, custom wedding cakes in Richmond VA


  1. Very interesting reviews, thanks :)

    I generally use the Wilton gumpaste since it's all I've been able to get my hands on. How would you compare the Fondarific fondant to it? I can now get this one and am wondering if it would be worth it to try?

  2. Hi, Katie,

    Do you mean the Wilton fondant? The fondarific is totally different. As far as the gumpaste goes, I've never used Wilton gumpaste but I used to make it with the Wilton tylose, and it's not the same at all. It's worth trying some to see if you like it.

  3. Hi Kari ~

    No I know the Wilton fondant and Fondarific fondant are different. I actually quite like Fondarific to cover cakes with but usually blend both it and Satin Ice together to get the best of both so to speak. I use the Wilton premade gumpaste that comes in the bag but am thinking I might try the Fondarific stuff.

    I just want to tell you that I love your blog too. I read it all the time and have learned a lot from it. You've even inspired me to give modelling chocolate a try :D

  4. I ordered some fondarific gumpaste and when it came to me it was very hard. Is this what yours was like when you got yours? Fortunately i was abke to put it in the microwave to soften it a bit

  5. I do have some that's hard when you take it out of the package, but if you work it and knead it a little it softens up.