Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fondarific Fondant Review Part 1

I recently wrote a less-than-enthusiastic review of Duff fondant, and mentioned that I'd been told it's just Fondarific in a different package. Well, I guess it's every blogger's dream to be noticed, but when I picked up the phone and heard that Laura from Fondarific was calling me I was kind of surprised.

She said that she'd read the review (oops, sorry) and that she wanted to send me some Fondarific to try. I asked her straight out if Duff brand was Fondarific and she said that she couldn't confirm or deny. Now since I'm the suspicious type, I'm assuming that they have some kind of licensing agreement with Duff, but it's possible that the formulas are different, so I'll let that one go. So no confirmation on that.

I was happy to accept her very generous offer of fondant, and by the time we were through talking she said that she'd also send me some gumpaste and some candy clay to try out also. That's great, because I use those two things far more often than fondant, to tell the truth. She also said that she might be willing to do a giveaway for my readers soon, so I'll let you know about that.

Yesterday the box arrived, and I had time to do the taste test with the different flavors of Fondarific. I'll be the first to say that I'm not a big fan of artificial flavors, so to be fair I called my two in-house taste-testers to do the tasting with me.

Some of the flavors were good, and some weren't hits. I personally don't drink coffee, so I let my son try the Mocha flavor. He said that it was good, then took the whole thing and ate it like a large tootsie roll. Other than that one we tried everything, so here's the results of the flavor test:

  • Vanilla- My son said it tasted like marshmallows, and I thought it was kind of a neutral artificial vanilla flavor.
  • Buttercream- I think that if you like artificial butter flavor you'd like this, but I wasn't a fan. My kids liked it. To me it tasted like some kind of candy, but I couldn't think of what it was. My son said that it was like Fun Dip, which made me wonder where he's had Fun Dip because I wouldn't buy that for him EVER.
  • Grape- this one tasted like grape laffy taffy. Yum!
  • Orange- Not my personal favorite, but it was deemed to taste like orange koolaid and a creamsicle by my assistants, who did like it.
  • Berry- I liked this one, but I think it tasted like those little berry candies with the jelly centers and little nonpareils on the outside. My daughter said it tasted too strong to her, but my son liked it.
  • Peppermint- Not a really strong mint flavor, and it had kind of a weird aftertaste. I can see that it would be good with chocolate.
  • Chocolate Cherry- We all liked this one. It tasted like those chocolate covered cherries they sell around Christmastime.
  • Cherry- We all liked this one.
  • Lemon- This one was weird. It doesn't taste like lemon at first, then it gets stronger on you but it had a weird aftertaste. Lemon flavor is a strange thing in general.
  • Melon- We all liked this but it was more artificial melon than real melon. We couldn't figure out what it tasted like, but it was probably similar to a melon jelly bean flavor.
  • Chocolate fondant- Tasted like Tootsie pops.

The flavored fondants are all colored according to what the flavor is (the orange is orange, the grape is purple, etc.) According to the Fondarific website the Buttercream flavor comes in all different colors.

I do have to say that the colors are all really nice, and the short time that I was kneading the red to soften it up it did feel very nice and pliable.

The next part of this review will focus on the workability of the fondant, and what makes it different from other brands.

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC, custom wedding cakes in Richmond VA


  1. I am curious to see what you say about the gumpaste. I bought some at convention and like it, but I am just a newbie when it comes to sugar flowers.

  2. I agree that some of the flavors of Fondarific are a little on the artificial side, but that still tastes SO much better than Satin Ice or Wilton (yuk!) And I love working with it! In fact, right now I am only using Fondarific and Fondx fondants in the shop.

  3. Thanks Kara. I am interested in how it does when working with it. I am looking to switch from Satin Ice. The last few buckets I have purchased have been horrible.

  4. I've seen it but have yet to try it. Not sure who they're trying to appeal to with fondant flavors since it's usually the texture and sweetness that lead to the peel-back from the cake.

    IMO, homemade fondant is the best. Time-consuming and messy, but cheap and easy. AND you can flavor enhance w/ emulsions and extracts.

    Just my $0.02.

  5. Hey guys, I love working with Fondarific because it never dries out like Satin Ice and other brands, mainly because of the fat content, it is much easier to work with when doing large 3-d cakes AND it can be refrigerated without fear of "melting". In addition, it taste 100 times better than most fondants on the market. These are great incentives, but these perks also have their downside. Since Fondarific is oily/fatty and never really "hardens" or "crusts, or dries" like Satin Ice, it does not do well in hot weather and is also incredibly difficult to cut. If your fondarific covered cake has come to room temperature or is in an environment that is remotely hot, your cake will result in very messy cutting.... (I use Italian Merinugue Buttercream which also affects cutting because my buttercream does not crust. )

    So, my point? Well, I discovered a way to get the best of both worlds. To get a better tasting fondant, that can be refrigerates, can harden for clean cuts, does not dry out too fast to insure time for sculpting elements, etc etc etc..... I mix 50% Fondarific Fondant (I use the buttercream flavored) with 50% Satin Ice Fondant (also butterceram flavored). Out of all the fondant's that I have tried (and believe me, I have tried pretty much everything), this combination makes the most sense for workability, taste, travel, cutting and refrigeration.

    Just wanted to share this, as it took me a long time to find a fondant that made me happy.

  6. @Sweet Fix, after working with the fondant today and examining the ingredients, I know why it doesn't dry out, and I've also figured out what it tastes like. But those fabulous observations will have to wait until part two of the review, bwuahahaha!

  7. The stuff I tasted reminded me of candy corn.

  8. Well, my 2 cents is that in Australia Fondx and Fondariffic are prohibitively expensive to buy, so I don't. If your rep wants to send me some down here in .au I would be more than happy to try it! I am guessing however that the low temperature melt point/high fat content would pretty much rule it out for most of our decorators.

    For the record, I use a shandy of Satin Ice and Pettinice. The colours you can get in Satin Ice are impressive, as is the taste of the red and black.


  9. I also have to add that I don't know why it would be difficult to cut. I was putting it on even thinner than 1/8" thick, and it wouldn't be difficult to cut through at all. Just my 2 cents ont hat matter!