Thursday, January 5, 2012

Duff Fondant Review

I had the distinct non-pleasure of using the brand of fondant that carries the "Chef Duff" label recently. (I've been told that it's fondarific with different packaging.)

First, the fondant has a strange waxy texture. I can see how people would like that if they're afraid of fondant tearing, because it was very stretchy and waxy when I rolled it out.

It didn't smell any different than other commercial fondants that I've tried, so I decided to taste it. Well gross me out, it had the same nasty flavor that Wilton fondant has. A very chemically aftertaste, that kind of thing.

The price was also ridiculous...The kid whose mom bought the fondant paid about twice as much as she should have, through no fault of her own. That's just how much they charge for it.

I've never used fondarific before, so I can't say whether it's actually that bad all the time, but it was pretty nasty. I'll stick to making my own fondant and avoiding the artificial flavorings. Homemade tastes really sweet, but at least it doesn't have an aftertaste.

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