Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender

CSN Stores recently sent me an immersion blender to review, and I love it! It's a Hamilton Beach and it's pretty basic, but I've been using it like crazy today and it got to the point where I was actually looking around for something else to puree and realized that I had to stop.

I made a strawberry puree to see how smooth it could get them, and it worked perfectly. I made a batch of cake batter, and I also used the whip attachment to make a truffle, which came out perfectly too. The blender is easy to handle but I wish that there was a button to keep it on instead of just pulse. I assume that immersion blenders aren't designed to be turned on and left on, though. That could get ugly.

The final test was to make milkshakes, of course. My kids were willing to be included in this activity since it involved ice cream. They weren't too thrilled about the blender at first, but after getting the hang of it they decided that it was "epic." The milkshakes were good, too.

I'd recommend this blender as a good alternative to dragging out the regular blender for small jobs. It's convenient, and since it comes with the two attachments, it's multipurpose. It's available at CSN stores online. There's also a model with a case  for those people who tend to lose the attachments.

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