Monday, August 8, 2011

Crystallized Pearl Colors

Here's a new product that I got at the ICES convention...Crystal Colors has been advertising a food-safe version of luster dust for a while now, but I hadn't bought any yet.

At the convention I looked at several different colors that looked very similar in the bottles, but were labelled with different colors. I got some that was lilac, but when you look at it in the bottle it just looked silvery.

I used it on some purple fondant pearls that had been made from purple Satinice, and it turned them a light purple with a definite shine to them, even with a tiny bit of the powder.

Beth Parvu, who is the genius behind the product line, also showed me an example of how you can make edible paint with the crystallized colors to paint on chocolate or fondant. By thinning the dusts out with vodka or extracts you can make a metallic paint to apply details to your cakes.

The good thing about Crystal Colors is that a little goes a long way. The Crystallized Pearl Colors were no exception. This is a definite "BUY" and I'll be getting some more in different colors.

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