Saturday, December 11, 2010

Folex Carpet Cleaner

Folex is my new best friend...When we moved into our house almost 12 years ago, there was an above-ground pool in the backyard, and dirty white carpets inside.
It never fails to amaze me that people think that white carpet is a good idea. IT ISN'T. After a certain length of time, it will never look clean.

Three black spots before.

To add insult to injury, the previous owners obviously didn't understand that you need to NOT DRIP on white carpet. It was pretty clear that there were certain paths from the pool to the stairs, and that people happily dripped water all over the carpet on the way upstairs. There are weird little dark spots all over the carpet, and I think they're from water in the carpet padding.

So I have dirty carpets. I shampoo the carpet but you can't do that too often...It helps a little but doesn't always get everything out. I've tried spotlifters but they're not always so great.

I saw some Folex spray and bought a bottle for a couple of reasons. First, it's non-toxic, and I like that. Second, I saw that it said you don't need to shampoo or vacuum the carpet after using it, and since I'm lazy that appealed to me. It can be used on any fabrics that are colorfast and can get wet.

I left one black spot as a reference point.
Now I need to clean the rest of the carpet!

I tried it when I got home, and holy cow, it works! I used it on one of  the mystery black dots, and it came right up. I went to the website to see if it listed the ingredients, and of course it doesn't. The chemical factsheet is there, though, and it looks like it's pretty safe as far as chemicals go.

After using this stuff once I'd recommend it. It works fast, has no odor, and can be used straight as a spray or in steam cleaners. It's available in a number of stores, so it should be easy to find. (Use the store locator on the website.) Better get some before Uncle Ernie spills gravy all over your white tablecloth tomorrow!

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